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Software Architecture Course(s)

My trainings and lectures usually cover five major themes (and units):

  • System context and scope (architectural significance, SMART NFRs)
  • Big decisions (see  this blog post) and solution strategy (an arc42 term)
  • Logical design (incl. Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture, Domain-Driven Design, Component Containers)
  • Integration (incl. services-oriented architectures/microservices, messaging, API design)
  • Systems management and deployment


The module description of my bachelor-level lecture Application Architecture provides more information. The article The Role of the Software Architect to the Theme Issue has a side bar "Software Architecture Education" that features this lecture and provides more pointers. Even more can be found on this page.

Professional Services and Research Interests

Reviews and Program Committee (PC) Memberships (Selection)

  • IEEE Software: editorial board member, co-editor of Insights column (experience reports) and Theme Issue "Role of the Software Architect"
  • Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE), Transactions on Services Computing (TSC), IEEE Computer Society
  • Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (ToSEM), ACM Computing Surveys
  • Journal of Information and Software Technology (IST), Journal of Systems and Software (JSS), ICT Express, Elsevier
  • Journal of Software Evolution and Process, Journal of Universal Computer Science, Springer Computing
  • ICSA 2020, 2019, 2018 (Technical Track, Engineering/Practice Track), ICSA 2017 (NEMI, Tools)
  • ECSA 2020 (PC member, industry co-chair), 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 (industry co-chair)
  • ETHICOMP 2020, Modelsward 2020
  • ICSE SEET 2018
  • Technical Debt (2019, 2018)
  • CBSE 2016 (program co-chair), QoSA (2015), WICSA (since 2009)
  • ICSOC (since 2018), ESOCC/ECOWS conference series (since 2008)
  • WS-REST 2018, Microservices (since 2017; program co-chair 2020)
  • SEI SATURN 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 (co-chair), 2012, 2011
  • SummerSoC (since 2015)
  • OOP 2012 to 2016, 2019, 2020
  • FSE/ESEC 2013
  • Book manuscript reviewer (several major publishing firms)


Olaf Zimmermann is a professor and institute partner at the Institute for Software at the University of Applied Sciences (HSR FHO) in Rapperswil, Switzerland. His areas of interest include API design and management, domain-driven design, (micro-)services and agile architecting on solution, portfolio, and enterprise level.  Previously, he was an industrial researcher and software architect at ABB and IBM, providing design, implementation and integration services to clients in multiple industries. He also developed and taught middleware and tools for systems and network management. Olaf is certified as The Open Group Distinguished (Chief/Lead) IT Architect. He is an author of “Perspectives on Web Services” (Springer, 2003) and contributed to several IBM Redbooks, including the first one on Eclipse and Web services (2001). He was awarded the first IEEE Software Best Presentation New Directions Award at SEI SATURN 2010. Olaf currently leads the Microservice API Patterns (MAP) and Microservice Domain Specific Language (MDSL) projects and created the Design Practice Repository (DPR). He is a member of Hillside Europe and the Agile Alliance and, as a co-editor of the Insights column, is on the editorial board of IEEE Software.



Magazine Articles and Journal/Conference Papers (Selection)

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Text Books (Selection)

Furda, A., Fidge, C., Barros, A., Zimmermann, O.: Re-engineering data-centric ISs for the Cloud. A method and architectural patterns promoting multi-tenancy. In: Mistrík, I., Bahsoon, R., Ali, N., Heisel, M., Maxim, B. (Hg.): Software Architecture for Big Data and the Cloud.Elsevier, 2017.-ISBN 978-0-12-805467-3

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