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Cloud Computing is OSSM (pronounce: "awesome"), according to Dave Nielsen's definition! So stay current with the evolution of cloud computing and Cloud Application Design (CAD) by checking out these blogs and online books:

  1. NIST Cloud Computing Program (definitions and more)
  2. Cloud-Native Computing Foundation (specifications such as CloudEvents)
  3. Cloud Computing Patterns website and book (Christoph Fehling, Frank Leymann, Ralph Retter, Walter Schupeck, Peter Arbitter, Springer-Verlag 2014) and C. Fehling's PhD thesis (e.g., introducing IDEAL cloud application properties) and early patterns paper.
  4. Flexera RightScale blog, e.g., 2019 State of the Cloud Survey; compare with previous editions: 2018, 2017, 2016
  5. InfoWorld on Cloud Computing
  6. DZone Cloud Zone 
  7. InfoQ on cloud computing, e.g. cloud portability eMag
  8. David Linthicum's website
  9. Werner Vogels' AllThingsDistributed blog, Amazon Web Services blog, white papers, and AWS Cloud Design Patterns by practitioners (2013)
  10. MSDN patterns & practices on cloud development, e.g. Cloud Design Patterns book (worth studying irrespective of your chosen cloud provider, due to platform-independent nature of the patterns) and Azure Architecture Center
  11. Google Cloud Platform getting started and technical best practices documentation
  12. 12-Factor App and Architecting Applications for Heroku 
  13. IEEE Cloud Computing community


For knowledge and advice regarding migration of existing applications to the cloud, start exploring the Web at these places:


  1. Cloud Native Application Architecture tutorial by M. Stine
  2. Cloud Migration Patterns by IC4 Lero
  3. AWS Migration Patterns 
  4. MSDN Moving Applications to the Cloud, 3rd Edition
  5. Cloud Migration Book (Web Edition)


Related research articles co-authored by us include:

  1. Pardon, G., Pautasso, C., Zimmermann, O.: Consistent Disaster Recovery for Microservices: the Backup, Availability, Consistency (BAC) Theorem. In: IEEE Cloud Computing, 5(1) 2018, pp. 49-59.
  2. Pahl, C.; Jamshidi, P.; Zimmermann, O.: Architectural Principles for Cloud Software. In: ACM Trans. on Internet Technology (TOIT), 18 (2) 2018, pp. 17:1-17:23.
  3. Furda, A.; Fidge, C.; Zimmermann, O.; Kelly, W.; Barros, A.: Migrating Enterprise Legacy Source Code to Microservices: On Multitenancy, Statefulness, and Data Consistency. In: IEEE Software, 35 (3) 2018, pp. 63-72.
  4. Pautasso, C.; Zimmermann, O.: The Web as a Software Connector. Integration Resting on Linked Resources. In: IEEE Software, 35 (1) 2018, pp. 93-98.
  5. Neri D., Soldani, J., Zimmermann, O., Brogi, A: Design Principles, Architectural Smells and Refactorings for Microservices. A Multivocal Review. In: SICS Software-Intensive Cyber-Physical Systems (Springer 2019), 2019.

Emerging: Microservice API Patterns and Microservices Domain-Specific Language (MDSL).


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