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The Geometa Lab offers applied research and development, consulting and courses in the applied geospatial domain. The Geometa Lab is part of the Institute for Software (IFS) connected to the Department of Computer Science (Bachelor) and the Master Research Unit "Software & Systems". The University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil (HSR) is a member of the Universities of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland (FHO).


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Geometa Lab Team
Stefan Keller (Full Professor, institute partner of IFS, director and founder of Geometa Lab):

  • is engaged in Data Science, especially Spatial Data Engineering and (Open) Data Management
  • is involved in open source projects like PostgreSQL (e.g. Swiss PGDay).
  • is involved in open source geospatial projects PostGIS, QGIS, GDAL/OGR, and others like Mapserver, Geoserver and FeatureServer, Leaflet and OpenLayers.
  • integrates open and closed source software (e.g. QGIS and ArcGIS, PostgreSQL and Oracle) and in open data and governmental/commercial/private data.
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Current members:

  • Nicola Jordan (Scientific Researcher): PostGIS, Python, Java, JavaScript.
  • Raphael Das Gupta (Scientific Researcher): PostGIS, Python, Java, JavaScript.
  • Interns.

Former members:

  • Carmelo Schumacher (Scientific Researcher): C++, Python, PHP, QGIS.
  • Dennis Ligtenberg (Intern, Computer Science Student): QGIS, OGR, Python, Java, JavaScript.
  • Daniel Schlegel (BSc Inf. FH)
  • Slobodan Stojkovic (BSc Inf. FH)
  • Michael Rüegg (MSc)
  • Josua Stähli (Student BSc Informatics)
  • Michel Ott (MSc): FeatureServer (Maintainer)



  • Visit the courses about open source geospatial projects from Geometa Lab here: > Agenda.
  • We are exclusive parter for Switzerland of the UNIGIS distance learning programmes (MSc and academic certificates), University of Salzburg:


Applied Research and Development

In the Geometa Lab we combine modern software techniques (software engineering, agile methods) with geospatial applications. We do this mostly - but not restricted to - with open source technologies based on Java, JavaScript, Python and C/C++. See Geometa Lab Projects.

Following research areas are covered:

  • Innovative applications such as mobile applications and web apps (mobility & transportation, disabled persons, weather, leisure & sports).
  • Crowdsourced technologies like Open Governement Data (OGD) and Open Data (OpenStreetMap)
  • Databases, information retrieval, algorithms and geopositioning
  • Datavisualization and visual geocomputing (image analysis)
  • Management and geoprocessing of massive geodata
  • Spatial modelling
  • Open Source technologies


Geometa Lab was founded in the year 2000 by the current director Prof. Keller. It is part of and supports the ICA-OSGeo Labs initiative "Geo For All" since january 2014.