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Context Mapper-Beitrag angenommen auf der Modelsward 2020

Projektarbeit von Masterstudent Stefan Kapferer open sourced und Artikel veröffentlicht

(News-Item nur auf Englisch verfügbar)

A first paper on Context Mapper, our DSL and tools for strategic domain-driven design will be presented at the Modelsward 2020 conference. The paper, co-authored by Stefan Kapferer and Prof. Dr. Olaf Zimmermann, is called "Domain-specific Language and Tools for Strategic Domain-driven Design, Context Mapping and Bounded Context Modeling" (PDF).

At present, Context Mapper comes as an Eclipse plugin, available from an Eclipse update site:

The Context Mapper project is open sourced via a public GitHub repository. It also has a rich documentation website.

More to come... feedback appreciated!