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Refactoring is the process of applying behavior-preserving transformations to a program with the objective of improving the program's design. A specific refactoring is identified by a name (e.g., Extract Method), a set of preconditions, and a set of specific transformations that need to be performed.

Tool support for refactoring is highly desirable because checking the preconditions for a given refactoring often requires nontrivial program analysis, and applying the transformations may affect many locations throughout a program. In recent years, the emergence of light-weight programming methodologies such as Extreme Programming has generated a great amount of interest in refactoring, and refactoring support has become a required feature in modern-day IDEs.

Until recently, there has not been a suitable forum for discussions among researchers and developers of such tools. Our prior refactoring tools workshops (initially at ECOOP 2007, then at OOPSLA 2008, 2009 and at ICSE 2011) clearly met a need, and there was strong interest expressed in holding a follow-on workshop.

We invite developers and researchers in the field of refactoring to submit presentations and demonstration proposals about practical refactoring tools.